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By Dr. Kye Chong
Island Doctors 

Diabetes - Take Back Control


February 1, 2017 | View PDF

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that prevents your body from properly using the food you eat to do the jobs it intended. The most common form is called type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes commonly affects seniors over the age of 60, people who are overweight, and those who have high levels of fat in the blood. Early detection and early treatment can decrease the risk of developing complications of diabetes. It is important for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes to educate and familiarize themselves with the latest medical approaches and healthy lifestyle choices. In some instances, blood glucose can be controlled with exercise and healthy eating. But, your doctor may also need to prescribe insulin or oral medication to meet your target levels.

"It's never too late to improve health. Many can avoid the condition with a few simple lifestyle modifications. There are others who need more medical counseling and coaching, than they get from a routine office visit. This epidemic is important enough for us to come out of the office, creatively generate awareness, and provide healthy options that will enhance seniors quality of life," stated Roy Hinman II, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Island Doctors.

Island Doctors began a Diabetes Awareness Campaign in 2013 for North East Florida. (Includes Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palatka, Palm Coast & Daytona Beach Florida). The Island Doctors team has put together complimentary health screenings, offers educational information and a physician lecture series on prevention and treatment.

• Focused meal plans, which incorporate our Triangle Diet and other nutritional programs and


• Complimentary gym membership* and exercise programs tailored for our members

About the author....
Dr. Kye Chong has been helping to improve lives in St. Augustine since 2010. She is board certified in Family Medicine, a member of St. Johns County Medical Society, and on staff at Flagler Hospital.

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