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By Susan Detar CFm
The Pink Door 

Have You Decided On Breast Reconstructive Surgery?


February 1, 2017 | View PDF

Compression Vest and Belt

If the answer is yes, then please read on to discover some products which will bridge the gaps from mastectomy surgery through tissue expansion and final implant placement.

During the expansion process you will experience size fluctuation and varying degrees of discomfort that can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Amoena's PurFit adjustable enhancer is designed to maintain your silhouette by adapting to your changing shape. It feels and looks like a natural breast. You will feel feminine and normal while you go through the process.

Purfit is a system that is made up of a pocket to hold fiberfill that can be adjusted to achieve a smooth and balanced look under clothing. For ultimate comfort, a foam layer and a softsilicone shell help to protect sensitive breast tissue and provide shape. Often the silicone shell is needed after completion of the reconstruction to fill the apex of a bra bust cup.

Sometimes after surgery drains are necessary and the Hannah post-surgical garment manages them for you. Often after the process is completed the doctor recommends a compressive garment to keep things in place. The Patricia compression vest with the addition of a compression belt keep implants in place and help prevent them from moving upward. When you are fully healed and ready for your new normal there are many beautiful garments such as the Lara t-shirt bra which are made to take into consideration the changes to your body.

These items are all covered by insurances even if the final outcome is a reconstructed breast.

Once you make the decision to reconstruct you know you have options to make the journey less stressful.


Post Surgical Recovery

I actually still remember the feeling I walked out of Pink Door with - "I'm comfortable, confident and feminine again!". You fitted me with a compression vest and prosthesis as well as bras, sleeve and stockings. - Janis

Susan Detar is a Certified Mastectomy Fitter. The Pink Door is an accredited post-mastectomy care center. Our mission statement: "The Pink Door will be recognized as the preferred provider of foundations to women affected by breast cancer. We will offer a wide selection of products in a knowledgeable and caring environment. Our goal is to fulfill 80% of our customers' needs on the first visit." This mission extends to all women who walk through the door. You will be served in a warm, inviting boutique occupying a home in the south historic district of Palatka. Our job is to provide products that will make you look and feel better


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