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By CJ Kidd
Office Manager Craig Funeral Home 

What Does a Cemetery Offer? Mausoleums, Columbariums and More


February 1, 2017 | View PDF

What are types of cemeteries and how are they different?

There are traditional cemeteries and memorial parks and sometimes they are combined.

In any case they can be operated as a business or a non-profi t, for example, church owned or private family owned property. Some are mutually owned by towns, counties, religious and fraternal groups. In a traditional cemetery the monuments are a variety of sizes and shapes to include private mausoleums. In a memorial park the memorials are granite and bronze and are fl at. Some traditional cemeteries have sections that are newer and contain the bronze and stone memorial set even with the lawn. Both traditional cemeteries and memorial parks have chapel community mausoleums, crematories, and columbariums.

What is a Mausoleum and a Columbarium?

A mausoleum may be small and privately owned by an individual, couple or a family. They are comprised of crypts, a space large enough to hold casketed remains and are above the ground resembling a cube or small chapel. Community mausoleums are individual or double crypts bought by individual or families housed in a large building all above ground. Columbarium's (niches) are above ground spaces for cremated remains in urns. A special note, there are in ground burial of cremains in traditional graves or special locations called cremorial gardens. Also the "green" option would be scattering gardens where the cremated remains are scattered in gardens with no receptacle.

Is there a difference in cost between traditional and memorial park type cemeteries?

No. Today most cemeteries are very comparable in price. Depending on the cemetery its location and the type of final disposition you choose.

Is there any other cost involved besides the grave, crypt or niche?

Yes. There is a charge for opening and closing the grave, crypt or niche, markers for the grave or lettering for the doors on the mausoleum or columbarium. Vaults sometimes are sold by cemetery pre-need or at-need.

What is the purpose of the vault?

Vaults are placed in the ground preceding the casket to prevent crushing of the casket by the earthen load and are sealed to inhibit the entrance of water into the vault and casket.

CJ Kidd is a native of St. Augustine. She has worked for the Craig Family since 1979 where she is the offi ce manager, preneed counselor and cemetery operations manager. She served 13 years in the Florida National Guard. She is an active member of Turning Point at Calvary Church where she leads in women's ministry and co-teaches Sunday school. She has a love for her community and its people. Ms Kidd is a licensed grief counselor. Craig Funeral Home has been serving the families of St. Augustine and all of St. Johns County for the past 102 years with dignifi ed and respectful funeral and cremation services. Always sensitive to the needs of the people of St. Augustine, they were the fi rst funeral home in St. Johns County to own and operate their own cemetery, crematory and Cremation Society.

Craig Memorial Park is the only local cemetery that offers traditional ground burial but also off ers families the option of both public mausoleums and cremation niches. An expansion and beautifi cation project is underway to serve the future needs of our county. Dedicated to a tradition of caring for everyone as if they were our own family, we will be stand ready to be of service to all who need our services any hour of any day".


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