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By Caroline A. Wolff
Founder, St. Gerard Campus 

The Face of Jesus


April 1, 2017 | View PDF

Dear Friends of St. Gerard Campus and Defenders of the Unborn,

Recently, something wonderful and so unexpected happened here at St. Gerard Campus and I would like to share the story. Shortly after the New Year had begun, we received many food donations and we were happily giving out food to all that came to us for help. One day it was really quite busy and food bags were simply flying out the door. We even had a few homeless people knocking. Well, word must have gotten out there that we had food because more and more came. It is funny how we stereotype people. The old man came in all straggly, with a torn shirt and pants and very unkempt, we just knew was homeless. He was quite bent and shuffled little steps as he walked. Our Outreach volunteers gave him so much food that he could not get all of it on his bike. Our volunteers went out there to help him and rigged his bike so he was able to take all that we gave him. He was so grateful. Not long after, another old man shuffled up the ramp and the ladies jovially remarked, "Here comes another!" Yes, he looked like the stereotypical homeless person, crumpled clothing, scraggly hair, bent and weathered. As our volunteers were gathering food and offering help, he asked to speak to me. I was in the lobby at the time and told him I was "Ms. Carol". I didn't recognize him and I had no idea who he was. I thought he might have wanted to say thank you for the food. Much to my surprise, he handed me a check for $10,000. Needless to say I was flabbergasted and filled with joy. When I looked upon his face, well, do you know what I saw, not a scraggly old man, I saw....the Face of Jesus. I realized at that moment we should never judge before we know the true intent. This sweet old man had generously, and without being asked, gave of himself to help the less fortunate, to help save the lives of the unborn. He reminded me of the beautiful words from Jesus in Matthew 25:40. "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

Mother Teresa once said that she saw the face of Jesus in the face of each poor, sick and dying person she helped. She asked the whole world to look for Jesus' face there, too. When helping the poor and destitute, we need to remind ourselves of these words......Look for the face of Jesus in all you say and do. Be humble and always remember "There, but for the grace of God, go I". Be grateful and thank God for your many blessings.

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, St. Gerard Campus installed 4,000 crosses at the shrine of Our Lady of La Leche near the Great Cross in St. Augustine to honor the babies that lost their lives through abortion and miscarriage. Many wonderful young people, Christian schools and families showed up to help us. There was music, hamburgers, cotton candy and more. Everyone worked so hard and had wonderfully enthusiastic smiles and attitudes. God bless you all. We will be taking down the crosses on Saturday, April 8, 2017. We hope everyone can all come back to help us again.

Our fashion show and silent auction this past December was a huge success again this year. The clothes were very elegant and the "Florida Lifestyle" was well represented. We had over 600 guests that enjoyed the fashions, the delicious lunch and a fabulous silent auction. My heartfelt thanks to all that attended and special thanks for all those that purchased items from our silent auction. So many of you bid much more than the minimum bid, assisting us raising more funds than ever. Thank you for being a big part of St. Gerard Campus, recognizing and aiding us in our battle to fight abortion and our drive to educate those teenagers that made the blessed, but difficult, decision to have their babies.

The holidays were so special this year at St. Gerard Campus. So many churches, groups and individuals worked together to make a real Christmas for our young ladies and their babies. Everyone enjoyed the Christmas party with special guest, Santa, arriving with gifts for the girls and their babies. Some girls had never experienced a true Christmas celebration before, so this was overwhelmingly wonderful for everyone. The outpouring of love could be seen in the eyes of our girls. The joy was absolutely contagious. To each and every one of you that contributed, to each individual, church and organization that collected presents, toys and gift cards, we send our warmest and deepest thanks for remembering those young women that chose life.

With love in Christ,

Caroline Wolff

St. Gerard Campus

1405 US Highway 1 S

St Augustine, FL 32084



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