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By Dr. Larry Lake
BayView Healthcare 

BayView Healthcare Partners with Aegis Therapies to Expand Therapy Offering


April 1, 2017 | View PDF

BayView Healthcare is always looking for ways to improve resident care and deliver services that will help our residents live their best life. We are proud to announce the commencement of a recent partnership with Aegis Therapies® to provide rehabilitation therapy services in our communities. Aegis Therapies is a nationally recognized leader in rehabilitation and wellness services in skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living facilities. They provide comprehensive rehabilitation therapy services in over 1,400 locations in 41 states.

Every day, Aegis strives to provide the right care to every individual with a focus on clinical excellence. They leverage their years of industry experience and expansive outcomes database to develop therapy plans that custom fit each person they touch. BayView is excited to bring Aegis' services to our communities and to expand our therapy offerings.

About the Transition to Aegis Therapies

Although the partnership with Aegis began in December 2016, BayView's existing patients may not have noticed the change. Aegis retained the excellent therapy staff and management team who were already serving BayView, and they provided them with up-to-date training. This means that patients and residents have continued to see the same smiling faces during their therapy appointments. With Aegis, the therapy and management staff is supported by a wealth of resources at the corporate level, including recruiting, operations, regulatory, compliance, risk management and technology support. Services Provided Aegis Therapies offers a range of exceptional services seven days a week, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and outpatient care. Aegis' unique programs target many different conditions such as:

Balance – Balance Management offers training that can assist in identifying the underlying cause and impairments leading to fall risks.

Continence – Continence Management helps patients address urinary incontinence issues.

Complex disease – Addresses the needs of patients with multiple diagnoses.

Cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's care – Dementia Management helps patients capitalize on their strengths and function at the best of his or her ability.

Pain – Pain Management helps improve chronic pain.

• Proper seating and positioning – Helps patients achieve optimal positioning to increase comfort, independence and quality of life.

Orthopedic care – Provides patients with the care they need to recover from joint replacement, fractures, spinal injuries, amputations and other orthopedic conditions.

Swallowing challenges – Aegis Dysphagia & Diagnosis Management assesses and addresses difficulties swallowing, which can lead to other health issues.

One of the unique programs offered by Aegis is Freedom Through Functionality (FTF), a unique strength-building program for older adults. This program is based on clinical evidence and is designed to increase the independence and functionality of seniors. In addition to the physical benefits, this proven program also has a positive impact on patients' emotional well-being. Having the strength to perform basic activities of daily living, without the aid of others, boosts confidence and restores dignity. By increasing muscular strength, patients can often reduce the severity of health conditions commonly associated with aging.

The FTF program pairs specially modified strength-building equipment with exercise programs developed by experts in geriatric rehabilitation. This program is supported with customized equipment from Nautilus®.

Benefits of FTF

• Better mobility, balance and flexibility

• Improved ability to rise from a seated or reclined position

• Decreased pain from arthritis

• Decreased falls

• Improved mood and self-esteem

• Faster walking speed

• Enhanced quality of life

• Increased independence

Additionally, Aegis Therapies Geriatric Enhanced Modalities (GEM), which provides therapy protocols designed specifically for health conditions common to seniors. Clinicians are specifically trained to administer and manage the therapy. GEM uses ultrasound, diathermy and comfortable electrical stimulation for a variety of treatments including stroke recovery, incontinence, joint replacement therapy, wound care and osteoarthritis. GEM machines and protocols are based on evidence published in peer-reviewed rehabilitation and therapy journals. In addition, the modality protocols are consistent with standards established for national therapy organizations such as The American Physical Therapy Association and American Occupational Therapy Association.

As a result of the GEM program, Aegis patients enjoy better mobility, less pain, greater joint flexibility, faster recovery, earlier discharge from therapy and an enhanced quality of life.

Benefits of the GEM program include:

• Reduced pain

• Decreased edema

• Increased circulation

• Stronger muscles and greater joint flexibility

• Faster recovery and improved wound healing

• Better mobility

• Enhanced quality of life

Philosophy of Care

Aegis approaches treatment with a unique philosophy: Restore, Compensate, Adapt. Each clinical program incorporates the same model of care. This model of care provides the framework for determining when to restore, compensate or adapt for loss of function.

Restore: Emphasis on restoration of underlying components that impact function, such as improving one's balance or increasing one's strength to improve the ability to walk.

Compensate: Recognizes that the underlying components may not improve. The therapist teaches the patient to compensate for deficits. The focus of treatment ison completing the functional task, such as self-care, rather than improving the underlying components, such as hand strength.

Adapt: Acknowledges that, in some cases, the patient is unable to learn compensatory strategies, and there is no potential for improving underlying problems. An example of this might be a person with moderate to severe dementia. In this scenario, the therapist focuses on adapting the task and/or the environment to improve the patient's ability to function.

Therapy Where It's Right for You

Aegis Therapies understands that part of providing quality rehabilitation therapy is understanding that patients' needs don't end when they move to a new care setting. They strive to ensure they are transitioning patients smoothly, seamlessly and – most important – safely between care settings. Currently, Aegis provides care in the hospital, assisted living, skilled nursing and outpatient settings.

As part of Aegis' commitment to caring for patients throughout the continuum of care, they provide care in the hospital, skilled nursing, home and outpatient settings, which allows residents to transition safely to the next level of care. Residents at BayView's assisted living facilities, The Pavilion and Buckingham Smith, can receive therapy services on an outpatient basis, just steps from their homes.

Residents of the Samantha R. Wilson Care Center can also access short- and long-term therapy to help them reach their individual health goals.

Outpatient services are available for the community at large, so even those who live in private residences can take advantage of Aegis' robust therapy offerings. Aegis Therapies outpatient rehab services help keep patients healthy and physically active so that they can maximize their functional ability and delay or prevent the development of more serious medical complications. With Aegis outpatient services, patients have access to industry-leading physical, occupational and speech therapy services, as well as specialized programs that target fall prevention, continence management, orthopedic recovery and more.

Aegis Therapies outpatient can help patients:

• Make a smooth transition from an inpatient medical setting to a home environment

• Speed healing from a work-related injury

• Decrease muscle and joint pain

• Improve functionality

• Implement a home exercise program to maximize recovery

• Possibly delay the need for skilled nursing services

The Strength of Aegis

While Aegis' therapists and therapy assistants are truly the backbone of Aegis' quality care, they're not the only thing that makes Aegis one of the nation's premier therapy providers. They rely on a host of behind-the-scenes tools and systems to provide the best possible care.

With 18 years of experience, Aegis has collected over 8 million patient outcome data points. What does this mean? This data validates that Aegis helps patients achieve higher functional levels, and the data is used to enhance their evidence-based practice. For example, this data shows which treatment protocols help patients with a specific condition reach their highest functional level in the shortest amount of time. Then the therapist can fine-tune the therapy protocol for each individual.

Technology also boosts the effectiveness of Aegis' therapy team. They use a proprietary web-based portal called myCare to access essential information and tools in one central location, and the use of iPads ensures that they're not tethered to a desk during any part of a patient visit.

To build myCare, Aegis leveraged a unique combination of the Amalga IntellaCare system, state-ofthe- art data center and an internal development team. myCare offers the opportunity, in a single location, to provide real-time access to information, accessible across all care settings.

Providing the Care You Need

At BayView Healthcare, our team is experienced with implementing multi-disciplinary treatment plans. We are proud to be partnering with Aegis Therapies for rehabilitation therapy. Aegis keeps the individual at the forefront of everything they do, and their goal is to make a difference in the lives of each patient they touch.

We hope that BayView and Aegis Therapies will be your providers of choice for physical, speech and occupational therapy. If you are planning a surgery that will require rehab therapy, or if you know someone who could benefit from our services, please contact us today for a tour of our therapy department.

This forum is a regular contribution from BayView Healthcare to help share the knowledge and expertise of the more than 280 healthcare professionals across our continuum of care. In each issue an area of interest is address to help consumers be even more informed about their health and wellness.

We are living longer, and with the changes in healthcare reform, confusion continues to rise regarding what healthcare services are covered and not covered at all. As we age, most of us contend with multiple healthcare issues, many of which are chronic and cannot be cured – only managed. In this FORUM, the in and out patient rehabilitation leadership team of Aegis Therapies® and BayView Healthcare explain the progressive advancements in therapy services.

Our therapists have an open dialogue with patients, their families and the nursing staff to ensure each individual is getting the care they need. We are partnered with some of the most qualified leaders in the industry. This is a practice that is patient-centered care from the top down. Our quality management and compliance teams monitor regulatory updates in addition to comprehensive internal audits and denial management. Through these services, many seniors are finding that today's therapy services provide convenience, happiness and improved quality of life.

BayView Healthcare is a private, not-for-profit comprehensive continuum of healthcare provider founded in 1920. Our superior level of services includes short-term inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing at BayView Rehab at the Samantha R. Wilson Care Center, BayView Home Health and BayView Assisted Living at The Pavilion and Buckingham Smith, an Emergency Charitable Assistance Program and BayView Wellness. Caring Hands-Caring Community is a separate 501(c)3 charitable organization founded in 2004 by our parent organization. It was formed to support the exceptional services and continuum of care provided to people in need of healthcare services and financial assistance. For further information about any of the programs offered through the BayView Healthcare continuum please call (904) 829-3475.


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