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By John R. -Jack- Jones Jr.
The LifeSource Group 

Mindful Motherhood


April 1, 2017 | View PDF

As counselors, we often hear of the stress and demands of being a mother in today's society. Juggling, work, household tasks, sports, homework, organic cooking and being fit all at the same time is more than most can accomplish. And yet the external and internal pressure tells today's mom that she can indeed have it all. Perhaps no other job compares with the demands of needing to multi-task with intense investment and no real sense of closure or completion. Mothers often feel unfulfilled and unappreciated when their sense of self is externally based on productivity and accomplishments.

We offer a different perspective at The LifeSource Group and consider mindful motherhood to offer more joy and fulfillment. Perhaps you have become aware of the concept of mindful meditation but may wonder how that translates into every day application. The concept of mindfulness involves enlarging one's perspective and creating a space in which equal awareness may be placed on the perceived problem as well as blessings, accomplishments and other good things that are simultaneously occurring, Mindfulness encourages us to maintain a simultaneous awareness of all that is going on internally and externally, while remaining connected to the present moment. Think of the awareness that is needed while driving; you will glance at the rear view mirror, speedometer, side mirror and your children, but this is best done with an open focused state of awareness rather than in a sequential manner. The open focus allows the driver to do this with a sense of flow and include information that require urgent attention.

Another way to understand mindfulness is in the metaphor of the linen closet. If all of the tasks, meals, obligations, and relationships you have are viewed in that small space, they can easily be overwhelming. But if we expand our awareness and our inner space and reach the state of inner peace, these demands become more manageable. It is actually easier to shift your perception of the problems rather than try to eliminate them.

Do you see the window that needs cleaning or the beauty of the landscape beyond the window?

Since mothers multi task so often the concept of being connected to the present moment and the child can be overcome by the busyness. Really being present with all of your senses and all of your heart open is the most important position a Mom can have. This approach also opens a calm mindfulness for the children, increasing harmony, cooperation and humor for all.

If you would like to learn mindful meditation and the application of mindfulness to your life, as well as resolving conflicts both internally and externally, the counselors at The LifeSource group are here to help you. We wish all Mothers a most Blessed Mother's day.


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Kathleen Abbott,

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"Kate" (pictured below) has a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Florida State University and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has over 25 years of experience as a therapist and as a business leader. She coaches managers on best practices, is a regular speaker on creative and practical life strategies and believes "transformation begins with a renewing of the mind." Her clinical expertise is broad with specialties in eating disorders, PTSD, women, couples, teens and faith-based counseling. She is also highly experienced in providing counseling and crisis intervention training to various organizations in our community. A former licensed foster care parent and mother of two daughters, she is able to equip others in managing life's many changes and challenges.

John R. "Jack" Jones, Jr,

Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Certified Family Law Mediator

"Jack" (pictured above) has an MBA from Columbia University, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Florida, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Family Law Mediator. A former CPA with over 20 years of international business experience, he now specializes in working with teenage and adult substance abuse, family and couple discord, parental alienation syndrome, trauma, anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. Practicing what he calls Cognitive Soul Therapy, dramatic results are sought using both science and spirituality. He is also familiar with the courtroom through his experiences as a Family Law Mediator, Guardian Ad Litem volunteer, licensed foster care parent, and adoptive father.


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