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By Lisa Harris
Hair by Lisa 

Get a Great Haircut!


June 1, 2017 | View PDF

How do you get a great haircut? First, you go to a professional hair stylist that really knows what they are doing. Next: a professional stylist will strongly urge you to have an in depth consultation done prior to ever cutting, coloring or styling your hair. After all, you both want to be happy with the final results. And you want to build a lasting relationship with your stylist and the hair salon.

And finally, listen to the advice from your hair stylist. Try the shampoos and conditioners that they recommend for your hair. Use the tools and techniques that they suggest. Set up a regularly scheduled maintenance program with your stylist. That allows you to keep and maintain your special hair style and cut with a great deal of ease. Plus it helps in the prevention of "bad hair days"!


There are two major components in a great haircut: the wet cut and the dry cut. Both are very important to having a haircut that will lay down properly! Wet cut - this is when the foundation of your hair cut will be done. It will allow for a beautiful fall when the hair is at rest. In other words, your hair will fall into place nicely. Dry cut - this is where bulk and shape can come into play. In this part of the total haircut, we're only removing what is not needed. Having a great cut also involves having a great finish. When both a wet and dry cut have been done to your hair, it helps ensure that you can duplicate the look. That is what a truly professional hair dresser will do ~ finish the hair properly.


How often you get your hair cut will depend on your particular hair and how you want it to look. In the world of hair dressers, that is referred to as the "goals" for your hair. When you work with a professional hair stylist, they will customize a schedule for you, in order for you to maintain your particular cut or style. All of my clients have different schedules to maintain their locks. 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks are typical recommendations for a client returning to maintain their hair cut or to grow their hair out.


Hair services for men are equally important. All of our services encompass men as well as women. All services are unisex. Anything a woman has done and man can have as well.

Give me a call for your free consultation; your hair will thank you!

Best Regards,

Hair By Lisa, 904-334-6888


A great haircut can take you anywhere! And it's important that you find a professional hair stylist that will not only listen to you, but one that will give you realistic advice about what can be achieved with your hair. You need to be able to tell your hairdresser what you like and don't like. You want to build a good, long term relationship with them so that you can have a hair style and hair color that works for you, 365 days a year.

Hair by Lisa, HAIR DESIGNER • COLOR SPECIALIST • MAKEUP ARTIST By Appointment Only • On Location Available 904-334-6888 • 5543 A1A South • Suite #101 • Saint Augustine Beach, FL 32080

I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and received my initial beauty school training at Brevard Community College. Very quickly I realized that I was truly passionate about learning the art and skill of professional hair cutting and hair styling. While living in Melbourne, Florida, I met my mentor. She encouraged me to continue training in my profession. I travelled to Miami on a monthly basis and began extensive Paul Mitchell training. Eventually I became a certified Paul Mitchell Educator.

During my career I have been fortunate to be able to spend time in London, England. There I learned about the differences in techniques and consultations. The Vidal Sassoon academy in Santa Monica, California is the creme de la creme of hair cutting schools. It was there that I greatly expanded my horizons and my skill set in this wonderful world of hair!

Over the years I have immersed myself in advanced training in hair coloring, hair cutting and hair design. Paul Mitchell conducts extensive educational events in Las Vegas, Nevada and Miami, Florida. I have attended their Hair Camp seven times and participated in advanced classes at their Signature Gathering on three occasions. I constantly strive to increase not only my abilities in this field, but also my creativity in all aspects of hair color


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