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Angela Joye


August 1, 2017 | View PDF

Angela Joye, Licensed Practical Nurse, Samantha R. Wilson Care Center (BayView)

Her name is Angela Wiles, but everyone knows her as Angela Joye. She married her first love in 2017, so yes, she is a newlywed. She was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina and is proud to be the parents of two sons and a daughter as well as two beautiful grandchildren.

When Angela was a very young teenager her mother was diagnosed with leukemia and spent a majority of her convalescent time at Duke University in North Carolina. The staff was caring and truly amazing. After her mother's passing she became overwhelmed with grief at such an early age. Her life took a turn where she left home to live with her sister, who eventually asked her to leave and return back to live with her father. Angela then decided to drop out of high school and get married. After ten years of marriage her husband passed away unexpectedly from a brain aneurism. These experiences alone had a major impact on her decision to become a nurse.

She started out becoming a member of her hometown volunteer fire department as a first responder. It was then that Angela began to pursue her career in nursing and graduated as an LPN in 2001. Her experience comes with working with patients ranging from newborns to her current career in geriatrics at BayView Healthcare. While working full-time as an LPN, Angela is precepting a LPN student at BayView. She is currently in the process of completing her general education classes to achieve an AA degree in nursing, with the ultimate goal to obtain a master's degree specializing in neonatal care.

It is vital to take time out for leisure activities so Angela does manage to find time to enjoy the beach, work on puzzles and dream of having a yard to tend.

Even though Angela managed to get through dramatic life changing events throughout her life, she gained strength from the experiences and, as a result, has maintained a strong passion for nursing. With continued hard work and perseverance, she ultimately will reach her goal.


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