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Samantha Helsel


August 1, 2017 | View PDF

Samantha Helsel, Licensed Practical Nurse, Samantha R. Wilson Care Center (BayView)

Samantha knew from the age of 12 that she wanted to be a nurse. Her cousin was born premature and only weighed 1.5 pounds. She and her family spent many days and hours with the newborn and admired the care and compassion that the nurses not only had for her cousin but for Sam and her family. An unfortunate turn of events took place that lead to her father raising Sam and her siblings. After her mother's tragic passing, Sam was in counseling that resulted an interest in nursing in order that she may one day be able to assist those who found themselves in difficult situations.

Upon graduation from high school, Sam applied to the First Coast Technical College's nursing program and became discouraged to learn there was a two year waiting list. She considered other career opportunities but held firm on her commitment to becoming a nurse. While working odd jobs (even delivering pizza) Sam volunteered at a nursing home where her grandmother was a resident. She enrolled in the nursing program only after one year of waiting. Upon graduating with an LPN degree, Sam failed to pass the state board exams first time around. She pondered giving up on the idea but with the support and encouragement of her father who reminded her to stick to her dreams she was successful in passing her boards.

As a nurse, Sam takes pride in getting to know her residents and help them get through tough situations. She believes that we all may have to go through trying times and experiences but what matters most is what you take away from the situation – just take the best part of a bad situation and make it better. Her message is loud and clear that one should never give up putting their best foot forward and accept the help and positive mentoring whenever possible.

Sam began working at BayView Healthcare in 2005 as a LPN. She has wonderful memories that have shaped her into the nurse she is today. Sam has been awarded by FADONA with the second place winner of the nursing excellence award in the State of Florida. She is enrolled at St. Johns River State College to earn a RN degree. She recognized that she would not be in the position she is in today without the support of her family, physicians and nurses who served as mentors and continues to strive to be a role model to those in need.


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