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By Suzanne Egeln
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Age is Just a Number!


August 1, 2017 | View PDF

Feeling fine at fifty-nine! It's just a number! Right? Just like the scale. Age is related to how you feel and how well you take care of yourself. I celebrated my birthday this past week, and it caused me to reflect on the years past.

My decade's life lessons:

1. Be Kind

2. Pay it forward

3. Be the village

4. Don't wait until tomorrow to travel


6. Take time to smell the roses

It's not always easy to "be kind". As my children left for school in the morning I would encourage them to "be kind" to the first person they saw. Pay a compliment to the first person you see. Eat lunch with the lone "friend" in the cafeteria. Remember what it was like to be "the new kid". It became a daily challenge.

Pay it forward. I heard a story the other day about how the car in front paid for the "coffee drinks" for the car behind so in turn they paid the bill for the car behind them. The story went on to address how they felt about a small gesture of goodwill. As we approach the holiday season this is a great mantra to keep in the back of your mind.

Be the village. Our neighbor recently passed away after a lengthy illness. It started with Hurricane Matthew, the tree that fell in his yard disappeared, his rides to chemo were taken care of, his wife taken care of while he had treatments, and finally getting him to his final ride on the train to family and assisted living. The "village" stepped in to help.

As for travel, the millennials get it! My generation graduated from college, got a job or got married or both saving travel for later in life. Millennials (including my children) travel now! If not now, when? So now we travel, what were waiting for?

I can't say enough about reading. I am a believer in early literacy and elder literacy. Reading opens the door to adventure. Alexander Kwame, author and spokesperson for the 2017 summer reading library programs believes that, "Books open up doors of possibility and potential and purpose-and allow children to imagine a better world for themselves and for us".

And finally, take time to smell the roses. Life goes by fast enough by itself. Enjoy coffee with a friend, walk instead of run, watch the sunrise and laugh!

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Suzanne Egeln


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