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By Jose Concha DPM
Coastal Foot & Ankle Wellness Center 

Do You Over-Pronate?


October 1, 2017 | View PDF

Pronation is a biomechanical term used to describe the inward rolling of the foot as it strikes the ground. Pronation allows for shock to be absorbed when walking or running. It also allows the bones in the feet to form a rigid lever so that the muscles can contract allowing us to propel or push off towards our next step. Generally, pronation is an inherited trait, though other factors- such as obesity- can also lead to this condition.

A normal amount of pronation is a good thing. This is normally called the neutral position. Under pronation is not as common but can lead to injuries such as sprains and strains of the ankle and leg. Under pronators tend to spend more time on the outside edges of their feet.

By far the most common type of biomechanical foot deformities are over pronators. Over pronation leads to excessive shock & stress upon impact. This deformity can lead to pain in the feet, knees, hips, back, and shoulders. Common injuries for people who pronate include shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and bunions.

The common thought is that a stable shoe or sneakers can support and relieve the pain caused by pronation. Unfortunately many people do not realize that a good arch support, or orthotic is needed for optimal stabilization of these foot deformities. Just about all shoe and sneaker manufacturers lack the proper insole that would be considered a good support for the 26 bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the human foot.


In children, over pronation can be diagnosed and treated before the age of 5 so that all bones and joints will be aligned properly as growth continues. This can lead to prevention of arch collapse and early injuries in sports and physical activities.

In adults, the only effective conservative treatment for pronation is orthotics or custom made devices. A visit to your local podiatrist can determine if you are in need of current treatment or help determine what that could be done to help prevent future breakdown and injuries.

We have been treating your feet in St. Augustine and Palatka for over 18 years. Make an appointment today with Richard Johnson, DPM or Jose Concha, DPM at (904)826-1900 in St. Augustine or (386)328-1122 in Palatka. At Coastal Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, we are setting the highest standards for your foot and ankle care.


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