By Susan Detar CFm
Owner, The Pink Door 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and being aware is being ahead of the curve. We women must take charge of our health in general and specifically our breast health. And it is pretty easy to do the things that will minimize the severity of a breast cancer diagnosis.

The three things we must do on a regular basis are:

• Monthly breast self exams

• Clinical breast exam during your annual doctor's visit

• Annual mammogram

Do these consistently and breast cancer is usually found at an early stage. If surgery with chemotherapy and/or radiation is necessary you should know there are many things that can make the journey much less burdensome. There is a full continuum of care with respect to garments as you go through the recovery process. When you are fully healed there is a wide array of products for your needs.

Early diagnosis is important, so think pink!!

Many women who have had breast cancer surgery are either uninsured, underinsured or financially strapped. If you know anyone in those circumstances, please be sure to let them know that The Pink Door has an Angel Closet from which to fit them with the things necessary to bring their body back to balance and to improve their self esteem. These items have been donated by other diagnosed women and their families when they are no longer needed by them. There will be a fitting by a certified fitter and free products.


I am a believer in implants following mastectomy. In September 2014, I had a second bout with breast cancer in the same spot where I had a partial mastectomy followed by radiation almost 20 years before. It was easy to make this decision.

Because of the damage due to radiation, having implants was a gamble but it went well. I was warned by my cancer surgeon to be prepared for the expansion process to be the most uncomfortable and she was right. Because of the radiation damage the expansion process took a little longer than normal. I was thrilled when I finally got my silicone implants.

While I was thrilled with my implants it took me awhile to realize regular bras were just not working for me. There were two problems, (1). Bras did not fit correctly and made me look larger than the implant size and (2) I had little pooches which were not being filled.

An implant after the removal of all breast tissue is just the beginning. It is a great beginning but you need to continue the process. That will involve a good bra fitted by an expert and possibly prosthesis.

The expert is Susan Detar of The Pink Door and she can not only measure and fit you because this is her expertise but she can help you with insurance coverage. If you need bathing suits, wigs etc she can help you with that.

Even if you have never had cancer a correctly fitting bra can make you feel and look better. If you have any issues my recommendation is to call and make an appointment to visit Susan.

- Cheryl

I will only come to The Pink Door and see Susan. She fulfills all my needs, desires and fit. I recommend my friends and family to see Susan and get the best fit.

- Iva

Susan Detar is a Certified Mastectomy Fitter. The Pink Door is an accredited post-mastectomy care center. Our mission statement: "The Pink Door will be recognized as the preferred provider of foundations to women affected by breast cancer. We will offer a wide selection of products in a knowledgeable and caring environment. Our goal is to fulfill 80% of our customers' needs on the first visit." This mission extends to all women who walk through the door. You will be served in a warm, inviting boutique occupying a home in the south historic district of Palatka. Our job is to provide products that will make you look and feel better.


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