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Stephanie DiGregorio


October 1, 2017 | View PDF

BayView Healthcare

It was lunchtime on an April afternoon in sunny St. Augustine, Florida when a set of twins were born. The youngest of the pair, Stephanie DiGregorio soon grew up to find her differences between her and her siblings. Stephanie's twin, Nicholas has always resembled their father, strong, stubborn, and has a love for the outdoors, which lead to his career choice as a US Marine. Victoria, Stephanie's older sister has always been just like their mother, sophisticated and passionate about teaching. Stephanie, on the other hand, has always been the "odd-ball", preferring the indoors and becoming actively involved in crafts and computer programs.

Growing up, Stephanie became passionate about jewelry making and eventually ran a small in-home "business" through middle school and high school. Just recently she has found time to continue this hobby. All throughout high school, Stephanie had been involved in computer classes. She became familiar with multiple computer programs and even became certified in Microsoft and Adobe programs. She soon joined her high school's yearbook club and assisted with the production of the 2015 school yearbook. This is where she found her passion for graphic and web design. She quickly enrolled herself into an online Web Design course and found she loved the production of websites but decided it wasn't the right career choice. After high school, Stephanie worked full time as a team leader at a local Taco Bell. At the time, she enjoyed the fun she had working there but knew she was destined to do more in life.

Early 2016, Stephanie was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. There was a receptionist position available at the nursing home her grandmother had worked for over 15 years. Stephanie had volunteered at BayView Healthcare when she was in high school and she knew she'd love to be involved with the company again. After Stephanie had an interview, she anxiously waited to finally receive the call that she had been hired! Stephanie trained side-by-side with her grandmother, who lovingly taught her everything she knew. Before she knew it, she was stepping foot into other departments. She got heavily involved in development and activities and was soon approached to assist in Human Resources. This is where she found her strengths and enjoyment.

Stephanie soon decided that this could be a rewarding career choice and eventually enrolled herself into college classes. She is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University studying for her Bachelor's degree in Business concentrating in Human Resources Management. Stephanie soon realized the challenges associated with working for a healthcare facility and hopes to use her degree in the future to fulfill the requirements of a Human Resources Department Manager. Stephanie claims, "The staff at BayView are working for the residents and patients, and someone needs to be available to assist the staff and to ensure their needs are met as well. It is my goal to fulfill that role to the best of my ability."


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