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Majority of Consumers Do Not Have a Plan at Retirement


September 1, 2018 | View PDF

A predesigned plan provides certainty and alleviates the fear and concerns of retirement: guaranteed income, inflation increases, principal growth and safety with emergency cash positions. What a mathematical design means is when 100% of your assets have a specific purpose

There is so much complication, confusion and frustration out there.

• There is so much confusing information to sort through that “analysis paralysis” may be keeping you from taking meaningful action.

• Maybe you spent the last 8 years climbing back from the losses of 2008. You are finally back ahead but you know that the next major downturn that comes could mean lights out and game over if you’re not careful almost to the point of paranoia. The choice between a very risky stock market on hopes of better returns or settling for pitifully low interest rates in banks and CDs really is no choice at all.

• And the greatest fear is that if you start losing money in a market downturn while trying to withdraw income at the same time for retirement could create a mathematical death spiral from which you might never recover.

Three painful realities many people fall victim to without even knowing it are:

1. Using the wrong tool for the job. There are many different types of investment products out there and they all come with good parts and bad parts… and there is no such thing as one investment product that can do all the things you want for your retirement. It simply does not exist.

2. Using the wrong advisor for the job. There is a simple reason why you do not go to a cardiologist for brain surgery; because it could be fatal to your health. Yet, in the financial world, this is exactly the kind of mistake people make every day and they do not even realize it’s happening.

3. Using the wrong approach for your current season of life. If you’re 65 and are investing like a 45-year-old, there is a very high probability that you have an excessive amount of risk in your portfolio that could be very dangerous.

The secret to solving your frustrations is to design your retirement portfolio correctly and to include three simple but critical elements;

1. It must be able to produce automatic guaranteed income throughout your lifetime that systematically increases to also combat inflation.

2. It must have a dedicated method of re-growing and replenishing your principal throughout your lifetime.

3. It must have the ability to provide you with liquid money for emergencies and unexpected expenditures throughout your lifetime without wrecking elements #1 and #2 in the process.

With the right education, guidance and awareness you can avoid these potential problems and set yourself on the path to a stress-free and enjoyable retirement.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a time machine that can take us to a point in our past to correct decisions that were incorrectly made. That is the importance of doing the right thing today. Through education and guidance, we can help you now so that you won’t regret the future.


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