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Parents take their children to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned and vision and hearing screenings are done in school, but it is rare for children to have their feet examined. The developing foot has very special needs and we believe every child's foot can benefit from a podiatrist's screening. We advise all parents to read and consider the following details below:

Children's Feet Should Not Hurt!

Pain is not normal. If they do complain of pain, then there is an underlying issue that should be addressed. Look out for signs; sitting on the floor in public places, complaining of pain; tip toe walking, tired aching feet, heel pain, flat footedness, in-toeing, stumbling, coordination issues, poor posture, lack of confidence in sport, unwillingness to perform sports, or a family history of foot pain or deformity. We may advise you to work with us alongside a physiotherapist if we detect any of the above.

Footwear and Foot Function are Vitally Important!

The right footwear can provide relief, comfort and stability. The wrong footwear can cause discomfort, injury and permanent damage. If a child is complaining of pain, we may often expect they will grow out of it. Unfortunately, most often is the case, the child will only compensate to deal with the pain, but the issue is never addressed. If we do not address the mechanical issues of foot pain in early life,

problems can and may develop later on.

We Should Take a Very Special Interest in the Developing Foot.

It's worth remembering the foundation for the youth will affect them later in life. The child's foot goes through stages of maturity, from a soft adaptable structure at a young age, to a stronger structure as he or she matures.

A screening by a podiatrist may prevent further injury and lead to less stress in later life for both parent and child. This is especially true before sports practice begins again or before considering a new activity.


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