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Do You Know Your Child Care?


June 1, 2019 | View PDF

St. Gerard Campus, a Maternity Home and High School, provides quality day care to the children of the young ladies enrolled in the high school. This Day Care operates under the licensing requirements of the Florida Department of Children and Families which has established standards of care that require proper training and credentialing of the staff and the facility and record-keeping must assure all the proper requirements for a quality day care are in place.

The students drop their children off at the Day Care at the start of the school day, and they will get them at lunch time to feed their children in the school dining room. The young ladies have quick and easy access to their child(ren) and find it to be a help in dealing with everyday issues of doctor’s visits for immunizations and other needs that are beneficial to both the young lady and the day care providers to have the mom and child in the same facility.

Additionally, this allows the moms to always be able to see the day care in operation when ever they need to. Thus, they know the day care center and staff are reliable, and it is a stable, nurturing environment for their young child.

How well do you know your child’s child care center? The parents’ participation in quality child’s care is vital to its success. In partnering with the caregiver to achieve this goal, parents should familiarize themselves with the child care center.

Quality child care centers offer healthy, social and educational experiences under qualified supervision in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environments. Things to look for when looking in to child care for your child.

Quality Caregivers

• Friendly and eager to care for children.

• Communicate well with parents.

• Encourages and understands child’s individual needs.

• Provide interesting and stimulating, educational activities.

Quality Environments

• Safe, Clean, Comfortable and child-friendly.

• Provides a secure environment that fosters the growing independence of the child.

• Displays children’s art activities and creations.

• Provides easy access to age-appropriate toys and centers.

Quality Activities

• Painting, drawing, music, dancing, and other varied activities.

• Opportunities to read be creative, explore, and problem-solve.

• Outdoor exploration running, jumping, swinging, and free play.

General Requirements

• Valid License Posted for parents to see.

• Maintain Minimum staff-to-child ratios as follows:

Age of child Adult/child ratio

Under 1 yr. old 1-4

1 yr. old 1-6

2yr.old 1-11

3yr. old 1-15

4 yr. old 1-20

5 yr. old & older 1-25

• Maintain Transportation Vehicles and transportation logs.

• Permission for administration of medication.

• Children’s health exam/immunization record

• Inquire about the qualifications of staff and their longevity.

Know the facility’s policies and procedures and along with visiting and observing the childcare facility and care givers that take care of your child. All this will make you more aware of the important things to look for in a good childcare facility. Always remember the #1 rule, Talk to your child about their daily experiences at school and parent teacher communication daily.


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