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By Caroline A. Wolff
St. Gerard Campus, St. Augustine 

Education is Your Key to Life!


August 1, 2019 | View PDF

This is an exciting time of year at St. Gerard Campus! We care greatly about our mothers in the community, and we look forward to welcoming a new class of students in the coming weeks!

Lately, we have received numerous testimonies from past graduates who are sharing their success stories! For example, just last week, one of our graduates said that she would like to organize a class reunion. She has kept in touch with many of her fellow students from as far back as 1998! She stated that many graduates are successful today because of their education at St. Gerard’s Campus. Our educational program of mentoring and educating has changed the entire community.

As director, I had to have surgery and scheduled it for St. Vincent’s Hospital, to get away from all the nurses who had graduated from St. Gerard’s. Much to my surprise, there are several nurses at St. Vincent’s who have graduated from St. Gerard’s as well. My name was called, and the phlebotomist was a graduate as well. Needless to say, I did not get very far with my pursuit of privacy. I nicknamed her my “vampire”, as she stated, “Miss Carol, I will be your phlebotomist for the rest of the week.”

One other day, as we were holding our garage sale at St. Gerard’s, two women walked up the driveway in their scrubs. They were from Hastings, and only fifteen and sixteen years old when they graduated from ST. Gerard’s. They never missed a day of school and were very determined to be successful. They wanted to show everyone that they were now nurses at St. Vincent’s Hospital, and were raising their children with

great success!

There are thousands of other success stories because of the care of the teachers, the staff, the day care---all making a difference in the lives of pregnant women who wanted to CHOOSE LIFE!.


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