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Franciscan Richard Rohr’s insightful little book, Just This (2017), summarizes the difference as studied by philosophers, theologians, psychologists and other social scientists:

Growing Up has to do with basic education, psychological and emotional maturity, a healthy contact with reality and enough freedom from your own ego-centricity to be sociable and caring.

Waking Up refers to a much deeper enlightenment, and can never be confused with merely being educated – or not. When you wake up, you begin to overcome your separateness. You begin to know that you do not look out at God, over there, but look out from God, or as Paul describes is, “I live no longer not I” (see Galatians 2:20). You wake up when your protective ego boundaries begin to dissolve and lessen.

Awakened people see things in wholes because they look out from wholeness. I know awakened people who still carry much human baggage and I know psychologically mature people who are almost entirely self-referential and see everything from that limited frame. How rare to meet people who are both grown up and awake! That would be both wholeness and holiness (pp. 52-53).

For those less comfortable with religious or spiritual references for aid in Waking Up, psychology offers the practice of mindfulness or living-in-the now. In this state, one learns to transcend the ever-judging ego to experience a deep compassion and connection with everyone and everything. This process typically begins by experiencing a deep love and acceptance of self that seeks unity from and with a warm and knowable source. It is often described as an ever-present, eternal awareness, seeking to birth, and is entered through the door of the silent observer or witness. This profound and deeply personal experience seemingly aches to be shared with all - not just by words, but by letting go of thinking and feeling. One then rests in a patient, nurturing love for all, confident each is on her/his own unique journey to this source that is/was always

present - whether they may know it yet, or not.

To-date, this knowing is beyond science’s ability to fully decipher consciousness at a subatomic level - to satisfy the skeptical. Quantum physics, however, has discovered the existence of a highly-conscious, co-creative universe that appears to respond to intention. And we continue to learn more every day! As a theologian once said: “The miracle is form itself...”

Social scientists also know that ‘evolution brings complexity.’ And we know this too! Need we look further than the dramatic and sweeping cultural changes that technology, both good and bad, has brought to our lives, our homes, and our politics? Most have heard it is ‘darkest before the dawn.’ To respond to this complexity requires a simple yet impossible letting go so that our brains may open, download, and evolve to the love and wisdom necessary to harness technology and resources for the good of our species and our (temporal) home in the universe.

As psychotherapists and integral consciousness-based healers and teachers at LifeSource, we encourage you to become part of the solution by integrating Waking Up and Growing Up. All you can truly control is yourself. So by cultivating your own awareness of Waking Up, you send a profound and meaningful ripple/tidal wave throughout the universe. From here, as individuals, families and communities, we pray our fellow psychotherapists, pastors, spiritual directors, teachers, writers, artists, other helping professionals, and business and governmental leaders (including politicians and media) join us in exploring and implementing the deeper realms of consciousness here to help us transition the end of postmodernism (and identity politics) to the integral age of unity now fully, and thankfully, upon us. After all, internal peace is the key to world peace.

We will explore this Waking Up in more detail in our next article, Letting Go the Wheel & Winning the Lottery! A most sincere thank you and abundant blessings to all!


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