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Let Go the Wheel & Win the Lottery


February 1, 2020 | View PDF

In our last article, Growing Up vs. Waking Up, Franciscan Richard Rohr described Waking Up as a much deeper enlightenment and wholeness (holiness) that one senses when your protective ego boundaries begin to dissolve and lessen. From here, you no longer look out at God but from God. To experience such a profound love for all often requires a deep surrender from great love, suffering and humility.

In Dr. David R. Hawkins’, Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self (2011), Editor Scott Jeffrey shares contemplations from Hawkins’ teachings that aid us in Waking Up. First are points that help us understand the state of mind/brain/ego and the need for Letting Go the Wheel (ego the hub; mind/brain the spokes):

• The ego is not the real “you”; it was inherited as part of being born a human. It basically originates from the animal world (p. 12). The ego mind does not experience the world, but only its perception of it (p. 11). The ego conceals whereas awareness reveals (p.16).

• The ego secretly “loves” and clings to the position of victimhood and extracts a distorted pleasure and grim justification from pain and suffering. One mechanism the ego uses to protect itself is to disown the painful data and project it onto the world and others (p.8).

• The time lapse between an internally sensed occurrence and the ego’s claim to authorship is about 1/10,000 of a second. Once this gap is discovered, the ego loses its dominance. The self then becomes identified as that which is being witnessed rather than as the witness or experiencer (p. 59).

• Addiction to the ego’s proclivities is like intoxication where pleasure is derived from the emotional payoff of negativity. These negative positionalities tend to be self-perpetuating habits akin to addiction, based on presumption and the inner seductive lure of gratification of basic animal instincts. By repetition, they eventually gain dominance and control, which is the innate purpose of the narcissistic ego in the first place (p.22).

• Cease to identify with the body/mind/emotions as “me.” Be truthful and admit that they are yours but not you (p.60).

As we noted last time, evolution and technology bring immense complexity and opportunity to let go and accept the Divine, intuitive download for entering the awareness necessary for Winning the Lottery (answering/serving the call of the true self and world, which become one):

• The chance of becoming enlightened are now more than 1,000 times greater than at any time in the past, which means that reaching the level of unconditional love (inner joy) is a very attainable and practical goal (p. 205). Joy arises from within each moment of existence, rather than from any external source (Hawkins, 2012, Power vs. Force p.111).

• To best serve the world, seek enlightenment and transcend illusions rather than contribute to them (p.203). The only simple task to be accomplished is to let go of the identification with ego as one’s real self (p.56). It is not really necessary to subdue the ego, but merely to stop identifying with it (p. 60).

• The goal of society is to succeed in the world, whereas the goal of enlightenment is to transcend beyond it (p. 202). Thus the core of spiritual work is aligned with the undoing and unloading of the mind rather than its enrichment (p. 61). To undo the dominance of mental content, it is necessary to remove the illusion that thoughts are personal; that they are valuable; or that they belong to, or originate from, one’s own self. Like the body, the mind and its contents are really a product of the world (p. 60).

• The Absolute is unknowable exactly because it is beyond knowing, beyond the reach of consciousness. Those who have attained it report that it cannot be described and it can have no meaning for anyone without the experience of that context. Nevertheless, it is the true state of Reality, universally and eternally; we merely fail to recognize it. Such a recognition is the essence of enlightenment (p.202). Truth and Reality are identical and eternally present, merely awaiting discovery (p. 146).

Consciousness-based psychotherapy can help you to: a) resolve your mental, emotional and behavioral challenges; and, b) go far beyond the problems of the small/false self into the glorious understanding, acceptance and realization of the bigger/true self. Experiencing this is to become far richer and contended in “being” at one with all. Life becomes a surprising adventure of spontaneous actions of grace arising from what Fr. Joseph Kaminsky calls, “the acid test of kindness.” We will explore the mind’s deepest hidings and projections in the last article of this series: Shadow, What Shadow? And, in closing, from Dr. Hawkins: “Gloria in Excelsis Deo!”


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